DRAGONTHRONE PRODUCTIONS is my tape label, it releases quality demos / cass.albums with pro.printed covers from killer underground bands! Dragonthrone has just been started and it's first release is a cass.album by my own project VALAR. The second release is the demo of Azaghal "Kristinusko Liekeissä", also out now.


The first step up to the DRAGONTHRONE:

VALAR: The Arrival of the Dragonlord -cass.album
(dragonthrone 001 / elven witchcraft 004)

Another dreamlike journey to the times that never were.
A journey into a realm of fantasy, swords and dragons.
"The Arrival of the Dragonlord" contains 40 minutes of
Valar's unique medieval/tolkien metal.
This time the bard tells tales about dragons, Luthien Tinuviel, Durin and
On this tape begins also the tale of the Dragonthrone that will continue
on the future Valar releases...
Musically Valar can be compared to Summoning and perhaps Pazuzu.
This tape comes with profesionally printed full-colored and two-sided covers,
including lyrics.

$5 / 20FIM

The second step up the DRAGONTHRONE:

AZAGHAL: Kristinusko Liekeissä -demo CD
(dragonthrone d-cd 001)

Finally the long awaited new demo of Azaghal! Traditional
and aggressive black metal with old style touches is what this
band is all about! This demo CD features 7 tracks, including a Venom cover.
This demo CD is limited to strictly 100 copies, so hurry to get your own!
This demo is also release as a tape on Stålhammar (a split release with Chanteloup

$10 / 45FIM