The band was born in summer ´97, when Kalma and Varjoherra united their dark minds. Before Azaghal both Kalma and Varjoherra had been playing in various different bands since early 90s but nothing too serious...
The band was first called Nargoventor and in the beginning their black art was pretty simplistic, with influences from bands like Gorgoroth and Darkthrone. No actual recordings happened with Nargoventor (well some recordings were made, but to be honest they were so bad that we decided to keep them out of the market. Back then Nargoventor used drum machine but luckily nowadays real drums are used).
In the end of 1997 Nargoventor got a new member:Narqath, who had previously been playing in bands such as With Hate I Burn and Calm, He also has symphonic metal/tolkien band called Valar. By the addition of Narqath in their ranks, Nargoventor’s music started evolving into more technical and complex style, more reminiscent of f.e. Satyricon and Immortal.
So the present line-up is: Varjoherra: main vocals Kalma: drums Narqath: guitars, synths, backing vocals (session bassist and synth-player are used for live shows)
In the beginning of 1998 the name was changed to Azaghal and a rehearsal demo was released. After some months of hard and intense training the first real Azaghal demo is now released, containing 6 tracks of pure blasphemy...

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