September 00

- Finally I was able to put some samples to this site, so check out the samples page to hear Azaghal, Hin Onde, Necromortum, Oath of Cirion & more!

- Hin Onde's debut CD should be out anyday now! Visit the label
Aftermath Music for more info

- Oath of Cirion's debut CD is now recorded and I must say it's perhaps the best recording I have ever participated making! The album will be released in December by Chanteloup Creations

- Tape version of With Hate I Burns... s/t demo is coming soon on Chanteloup Creations.

- Perhaps the best selling item on Dragonthrone's list Hellkult "Of Pure Heathen Blood" tape album has now been sold out. I am planning to re-release it as a CDR album on Dragonthrone soon since the demand for it still seems high..

August '00

- Hin Onde has signed a deal with Aftermath Music for 1 CD. The debut album is already recorded and it is a 14 track Pagan Metal feast!

- Oath of Cirion has agreed with Chanteloup Creations that they will release their debut full-lenght CD later this year! The album is now composed and should be recorded during this August / September!

- Azaghal's split CD with Mustan Kuun Lapset is still not out, and I doubt it ever will be. Azaghal's side of the split CD will anyway be released as a MCD called "Black Terror Metal" on Chanteloup Creations later this year!

- Baphomet, the project of Azaghal vocalist Varjoherra has changed it's name to Necromortum and recorded a new demo / demo -CD called "Evil Coming Winter"! If you enjoyed Azaghal's "Mustamaa" LP I bet you'll like this one too, since it's pure ugly primitive black metal!

- Nocturnal Wind's is writing material for their second full-lenght album which will again be released by Aftermath Music from Norway.