dtp 001 - VALAR (fin): The Arrival of the Dragonlord /$5 /20FIM

The first chapter in the book of Dragonthrone is Valar's 4th dreamlike journey to the times that never were.
A journey into a realm of fantasy, swords and dragons.
"The Arrival of the Dragonlord" contains 40 minutes of Valar's unique
medieval/tolkien metal.
This time the bard tells tales about dragons, Luthien Tinuviel, Durin and others...
Musically Valar can be compared to Summoning and perhaps Pazuzu.
This tape comes with fantastic looking, profesionally printed full-colored and two-sided covers,
including lyrics. This tape is a split release with Dragonthrone and
Elven Witchcraft.

dtp 002 - AZAGHAL (fin): Mustamaa /$5 /20FIM

The official tape version of Azaghal's full-lenght, featuring 8 tracks of raw traditional black metal, LP version out on Melancholy Prod. This tape version comes with professional b/w covers and is a split release between Dragonthrone Productions and At War Records
dcd 002 - WYRD (fin): Unchained Heathen Wrath -DEMO CD - /$6 /30FIM

Wyrd's (ex-Hellkult) first release is demo CD "Unchained Heathen Wrath", continying from where Hellkult's "Of Pure Heathen Blood" ended,
this release features 7 tracks and 33 minutes of pure heathen metal pride which can musically be compated to fex. Burzum, Isengard etc.

dcd 003 -
WITH HATE I BURN(fin): s/t - DEMO CD - / $6 / 30FIM

With Hate I Burn offers 4 tracks of merciless industrialized black metal slaughter in the same style as the great Mysticum!!! Totally unique and very aggressive release!

dcd 004 -
HELLKULT(fin): Of Pure Heathen Blood- DEMO CD - / $6 / 30FIM

Re-release of this now sold out cass.album from Hellkult (now Wyrd!) 9 tracks and 30 minutes of primitive heathen metal with NS influenced lyrics (by Nazgul from Pest)! If you missed out the tape, do not repeat your mistake with this CD re-release!

available Stålhammar releases:

sth 009- WIND(fin): Veil of Death $5 / 20FIM

The third demo of one of Finland’s best synth bands: Wind, dresses Poe's haunting "The Pit And The Pendulum" story to the form of varying dark and really melancholic & beautiful chamber/synth music... "Veil Of Death" features authentic movie samples from the movie "The Pit And The Pendlum" and they fit perfectly into this music and create haunting and sinister athmosphere.. Twisted, yet so beautiful...Xeroxed b/w covers with haunting arwork.

sth 017 - WIND(fin): For One More Melancholy $5 / 20FIM

Wind's new masterpiece! 4 compositions of poetic and surrealistic synth/chamber music with both catchy and totally insane melodies! Vocals varying from solemn clean male vocals to grimm troll vocals and disturbed whispering! This is a good release, but "Veil of Death" still remains as my favorite Wind release! The demo comes with b/w covers, Dali painting on front.

sth 019 - DRUADAN FOREST(fin): Mirkwood $5 / 20FIM

The second demo from Finland’s very own Summoning! This time Kalma (also member of Azaghal and Svartalfheim) offers 30 minutes of Tolkien inspired metal which sounds very much like Summoning... Guitars and vocals have been added since the first demo and there even some some techno elements here! All the lyrics are from Tolkien telling the stories of Boromir, Misty Mountains, Mirkwood, Ered Gorgoroth and Rivendell! Features untitled bonus track on first 200 copies, so hurry! The demo comes with b/w covers with Tolkien artwork

sth 022- AZAGHAL(fin): Kristinusko Liekeissä -$5 / 20FIM

Finally the long awaited new demo of Azaghal! Traditional and aggressive black metal with old style touches is what this band is all about! Note: This demo should not be mixed with the the same named rehearsal tape that the band has released as this one is a professional studio demo! This demo features 7 tracks, including a Venom cover! This is a split release between Chanteloup Creations and Stålhammar Prod., both versions are limited to 200copies! "Kristinusko Liekeissä" is also available as a very limited demo CD!

sth 023 - DRUADAN FOREST(fin): Minas Tirith -$5 / 20FIM

Third spell of Druadan Forest appears in the form 3 track demo of very original
symphonic/medieval metal! This time the tempo is a lot higher than on the 2nd, and equally excelent "Mirkwood"... If "Mirkwood" was compared to Summoning, I think this could be compared to Golden Dawn! There is also some great and weird electornic parts included. "Minas Tirith" also features the now sold out first demo of Druadan Forest (simply called "Druadan Forest") as bonus!!! So you get two demos for the price of one! The tape comes with Glossy b/w!

sth 025 - WELTRAUM(fin): Svper Evil /$5 / 20FIM

4 Tracks of industrial/space ambient.Musically in the vein of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry etc.
Features also the "hidden" 30 minute long ambient bonus track! This is a split release between Stålhammar and Engwar Creations and comes with VERY EVIL (almost as evil as Ultimate Power of Evil!) b/w/cosmic blue covers with really original artwork and lyrics.

sth 026 - NOITAVALKEA(fin): Demo I /$5 / 20FIM

Intro + 2 tracks of primitive black metal with old style touches,session drums by Kalma (Azaghal, Hin Onde).
For all the real bm-maniacs out there this is a must.

sth 031- OATH OF CIRION(fin): King of the Dragonthrone /$5 / 20FIM

Majestic Fantasy Metal, the lyrics tell a story of the King of the Dragonthrone. For the fans of Bal-Sagoth, Limbonic Art, Thyrfing etc. This is a must!

sth 32 - WIND(fin): Woodland Spirits /$5 / 20FIM

Brand new release from Wind, totally unique and original surrealistic chamber music with Devil Dollish vocals and insane synths