PROLOGUE -Split tape with Wind-

Review from ARCHAIC AGE#2
"This is the first in series of releses based on the Tolkien world. "Prologue" contains 6 tracks of ambient synth/dark music. Full of dark atmospheres, Valar's music is an excelent adaptation of Tolkien's work. Medieval in atmosphere, Valar use kettle drums, flute, piano and male and female vocals to visualise middle-earth." -Gary Sims


Review from ARCHAIC AGE#2
Valar's 2nd release is far more metal orientated than the 1st. 4 epic medieval metal tracks saluting Tolkien.Using all the instruments of his 1st release, the music is storming and powerful yet includes many athmospheric passages. One of the best medieval metal compositions exists on this release: "Tale of the King Under the Mountain" -from it's medieval intro with flute, keys and drums, this track in 2 parts is hugely symphonic, majestic and unique. In complete contrast to the 1st demo, both capture different aspects of Tolkienism. A medieval Tolkien masterpiece!
-Gary Sims


The 3rd release from Narqath in short space of time. This album includes some of Valar's finest moments from the first 2 releases plus a new collection atmospheric dark medieval music tracks. The first side is a symphony in 7 parts of medieval music detailing sections of Tolkien's work. There is only one metal track on this album, the others are manifestations of "Prologue". Very dreamy and symphonic this album is a great soundtrack to listen to when reading Tolkien. Valar has a unique, diverse and obscure way of blending the different instruments used to create a strongly melodic and atmospheric masterpiece! -Gary Sims

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