STÅLHAMMAR is an underling of Dragonthrone. Under the monicker Stålhammar I release underground demos with xeroxed covers... Quite a lot of stuff has been released and more is still to to come! STH 001-007, and 010 and 011 and 015 are sold out.


sth 008- THORONATH: Med Hjära Så Kallt $5 / 20FIM

3 Tracks of coldhearted primitive black metal with killer riffs and solemn "vikingish" clean vocal parts + 1 dark spirits invocating ritualistic composition. Thoronath is a side project of Azaghal and very much in the same vein, though much more guitar based than "Noituuden Torni" by Azaghal... Though the future Azaghal will have no synths either! The second Thoronath release is already out in the format of split tape with another raw bm band Bapthomet, so check that one out too, altough in my opinion this tape is better! Xeroxed b/w covers with Satanic artwork.
"Cold and extreme, black and powerful!" -G. Sims, Archaic Age -zine

sth 009- WIND: Veil of Death $5 / 20FIM

The third demo of one of Finland’s best synth bands Wind dresses Poe's haunting "The Pit And The Pendulum" story in the form of varying dark and really melancholic & beautiful chamber/synth music... "Veil Of Death" features authentic movie samples from the movie "The Pit And The Pendlum" and they fit perfectly into this music and create haunting and sinister athmosphere.. Twisted, yet so beautiful...Xeroxed b/w covers with haunting arwork

"All in all a very dark synth based work of art" -G. Sims. Archaic Age -zine

sth 012- WELTRAUM: To Enter the Astral Gate $5 / 20FIM

40 minutes of space/ambient music that will take your soul to another dimension Consisting of just one long composition/collection of soundscapes this release is at it’s best when listened in total silence and alone! Some people have compared this to the early works of Mortiis... Second Weltraum demo has just been released so watch out for that one too! "Transcending into deep and everlasting astral sleep... Into nothingness.... There's no return."The demo comes with b/w space influeced covers.

sth 013-DRUADAN FOREST: Druadan Forest $5 / 20FIM

Bombastic and impressive Tolkien inspired medieval war music! Really majestic and epic atmosphere is present in this release, which contans three compositions based on the legends of Dor Daeloth, Cirith Ninniaeh and Dagor Aglared. This reminds me heavily of Golden Dawn (without the guitars and vocals) and Pazuzu! The demo comes with b/w covers

sth 014 - HELLKULT: Christian Holocaust $5 / 20FIM

4 tracks (+intro and outro) of raw and sick black metal. Kult Black Metal the way it should be.
Death to compassion! Death to normality! Death to humanity! Death to love! Death to pity!
the demo comes with b/w covers, includes member photos

sth 016 - WINTERFOREST: Kohti Pimeyttä $5 / 20FIM

Very raw and dark finnish black metal here with some folky riffs! 6 tracks that offer no mercy! Some titles include "Behinds the Timeless Gates of Darkness", "The Burning Pile", "Breath of Coldness" etc. This is their last release under the name WinterForest. Nowadays they are known as Kiirastuli(Inferno in English) and I must say that it’s a much better name! Await new material from Kiirastuli soon (but not yet sure if it’s going to be released by Stålhammar)The demo comes with b/w covers

sth 017 - WIND: For One More Melancholy $5 / 20FIM

Wind's new masterpiece out now! 4 compositions of poetic and surrealistic synth/chamber music with both catchy and totally insane melodies! Vocals varying from solemn clean male vocals to grimm troll vocals and disturbed whispering! This is a good release, but "Veil of Death" still remains as my favorite Wind release! The demo comes with b/w covers Dali painting on front
"Again Wind has created some dark atmospheric synth music which is a delight to agnose in." G. Sims. Arcaic Age Zine #2
sth 018 - WELTRAUM: Extraterrestrial $5 / 20FIM

30 minutes of space/ambient/electronic music. A huge development from the Mortiis-likeatmosphere of the first release to something totally new and unique! If you liked the first Weltraum demo, you’ll probably like this one too.. And if you didn’t like the first Weltraum there is still a good change that you’ll like this one, because it’s totally different! "I am the Universe!" The demo comes with b/w covers with artwork painted by me
sth 019 - DRUADAN FOREST: Mirkwood $5 / 20FIM

The second demo from Finland’s very own Summoning! This time Kalma (also member of Azaghal and Svartalfheim) offers 30 minutes of Tolkien inspired metal which sounds very much like Summoning... Guitars and vocals have been added since the first demo and there even some some techno elements here! All the lyrics are from Tolkien telling the stories of Boromir, Misty Mountains, Mirkwood, Ered Gorgoroth and Rivendell! Features untitled bonus tracks on first 200 copies, so hurry! The demo comes with b/w covers with Tolkien artwork

sth 020 BAPTHOMET / THORONATH: Unholy Sign of the Horns -split tape-$5 /20FIM

This split release between Stålhammar Prod. and french Chanteloup Creations offers demos of two raw and aggressive finnish black metal bands on one tape!
Bapthomet is the side project of Azaghal’s vocalist Naakka (Varjoherra) and he handles all the instruments in Bapthomet. Bapthomet’s side features 4 tracks of total blasphemy with no remorse. No happy melodies, no acoustic parts, no synths. Just pure devastation! Song titles tell it all: "I kill the Angels of God", "Crucifixion", "Dark Prophecy" and "Armageddon". This is what black metal is all about!
Thoronath’s side offers also raw and fucking fast black metal! 3 surprisingly catchy black metal anthems and a great symphonic outro make up this second demo of Thoronath... Synths are used, but this is definetly no Dimmu shit!!! In my opinion the first demo was perhaps a bit better, but that does not mean that this is bad either!! Just very different from the first demo as this one is hyper fast! An essential release for people into real black metal! The demo comes with xeroxed b/w A4 covers with member photos and satanic art work! Both the Stålhammar and Chanteloup Creations demo are limited to 200 copies!!!

  sth 021 HELLKULT: Hail War! -$5 / 20FIM

Second demo of this NS influenced Black Metal band. Hellkult is underground black metal for the black metal underground. The demo comes with anti-jewish covers and is limited to 100 copies. 88!
sth 022 AZAGHAL: Kristinusko Liekeissä -$5 / 20FIM

Finally the long awaited new demo of Azaghal! Traditional and aggressive black metal with old style touches is what this band is all about! Note: This demo should not be mixed with the the same named rehearsal tape that the band has released as this one is a professional studio demo! This demo features 7 tracks, including a Venom cover, order immediatly! This is a split release between Chanteloup Creations and Stålhammar Prod., both versions are limited to 200copies! "Kristinusko Liekeissä" is also available as a very limited demo CD!